Thursday, July 27, 2006

Home One Week.....

We have been home for a week and so much has happened. Macie amazes us everyday. She is adjusting so well. She is doing so much better than I would if some strangers came and turned my world upside down. She has gone swimming in the lake, which loves and wants to do everyday. She loves to play with MaryKate. She likes to ride to her scooter. She loves to paint and color and make bead bracelets. We had our first and second visits with the pediatrician. The first appointment did not go so well. It was late in the afternoon and she was tired. She was starting to doze off by the time the Dr. came in. She went into a total meltdown when he tried to examine her. He decided to stop and asked us to come back the next day. Things went much better the next morning. She was a different kid. She got her booster shots & blood drawn without a peep! The Dr. and all the nurses got "the handshake" when we were done. She left with a fistful of stickers and pencils. Quite the happy girl. Of course, the fact that we stopped to pick up some fruit snacks and candy before we went in didn't hurt either:) We took her to the fair the other night to walk thru and see the animals. She loved it! She was so excited. Any small mammal is referred to as a rabbit, whether it is a guinea pig, ferret or an actual rabbit. She loved petting the cows and horses. She told me she wanted a horse to take home. What princess doesn't want her own pony! Of course we had to have some ice cream while we were there. She asks for Nana everyday, so I can't wait for her to visit on Friday night. She likes to talk on the phone, too. She is one amazing little girl. A true blessing to our family.

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