Tuesday, July 11, 2006


We went to see the pandas this morning. What a site. We were close enough to touch one, but unfortunately, it was not allowed. We did let the kids all hold a red panda. That was quite a treat. There was a huge crowd by the black & white pandas & they wanted $50.00 each to allow you to pet it. Sadly, we had to pass. We did see alot of them though. I will try to post pictures later.

On the way back to the hotel we had a very scary ride. The traffic here is horrendous! We were going down the street in our bus when a big produce truck jumped the median and almost plowed into us. Thank you God for our attentive driver. He veered out of the way with only a split second to spare. We were tossed around the bus a bit, but everyone was ok. The guides keep telling you not to watch the traffic, but it sure is hard. Our bus driver has just earned a very good tip from us!

The things you see on the street are amazing. Yesterday we saw a man selling turtles, lizards and chipmunks! There was a guy on a bike with a pot of corn on the cob strapped on the back with a little propane tank under it to heat it. He was selling it to people on the street. Talk about dinner on the go! Last night we ate at Pizza Hut. It was very good. We went to another show with shadow hands, dancing & fire breathers. It was pretty cool. The kids are having fun & we are enjoying our time here, but are anxious to get Macie BeiBei home.

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