Sunday, July 09, 2006

We are in Chengdu! We will pick up Macie BeiBei in about 2 hours. Our guide, Sandy is wonderful. She said BeiBei has been waiting for us!

Just a quick recap of our experience in Beijing. We walked and walked and walked and walked alot! The sites were all very beautiful and interesting. The pearl market and jade market was a dangerous (in a good way) place to shop. I picked up a few items for Macie and of course for myself.

The food was very interesting. Some of it very good, some of it not so good. I am dying for a burger. There is a McD's right down the street from our hotel. I think we will go there for lunch today.

The Great Wall was incredible!!! It was foggy & drizzling when we were there, so the views were not that great, but the entire experience was awesome. The steps were about a foot high and very uneven. Not the easiest to go up & down. We did not go all the way up because with the rain, it made it a little slippery.

After the Great Wall, our guide took us for a Chinese foot massage. I would not recommend this! It was more like torture! My legs are actually bruised! My calves ache, but I am not sure if that is from climbing the Great Wall or the beating I took from the girl who gave the massage. For such a small girl, she sure had strong hands!

Sandy, our guide, said she will be taking us to see the Pandas and a few other sites while we are in Chengdu. It is a very metropolitan city. Our hotel is gorgeous!

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tunloop said...


Kris made sure we all had the link and we are anxiously waiting for your next update after picking up Macie Helen!!!!

Glad you are having such a wonderful time!!!

No more massages. We need you back in one piece.