Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rainy days.......

We are gradually getting back into the school year routine. It has been a very rainy few days. The kids are really itching to get outside and play, but mother nature has not been cooperating. Grant had discoverd that middle school is a bit different from elementary school. He likes it, but said there are a lot of changes to get used to. Yesterday was picnic with your 4th grader at McLane. Evan and I had a nice lunch in his classroom (because it was raining outside). Macie is adjusting to school. She seems to like it and is excited to show me what she brings home everyday. We have also enrolled her in the Milwaukee Modern Chinese School. This is held at Marquette University on Sunday afternoons. Our schedules keep us busy, but in a good way.

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Anonymous said...

Would you mind sharing more about the Milwaukee Modern Chinese School?

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