Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Busy Times......

It has been busy at the Waala house. The days are just flying by. I am back at work, so finding time to post on the blog is a challenge. Once I get home, my evenings are filled with homework. It is amazing how much Macie is picking up. She is such a bright girl. As soon as she gets home, she wants to do her homework. Her english is getting better every day. She seems to pick up a new phrase every day. Lately things are "awesome" or "very very" whatever. Today I heard her repeat one of Evan's favorite phrases--"holy crap". Only her pronunciation makes it sound like "hurray crap". She loves swimming lessons at the Y and has started attending religious ed class on Tues nights. She was mad when the boys went and she didn't, so we figured we may as well let her go. Today she had a dentist appointment. She had 3 cavities that they were working on. Well, a little more dental work was necessary than originally planned. One of cavities has absessed so the dentist did a temporary filling and she will go back in Novemeber for a root canal. She is a real trooper. She did not complain a bit. She is very excited that we have snow in the forcast. She can't wait to wear her new boots. The boys are keeping busy with school and football. Grant's team is 4-1. They are really having a good season. Evan had a very impressive mid quarter report. His teacher commented that "Evan is a hard worker and delightful student! His comments and humor often brighten up our day!" Sounds like we have a comedian in the making:) Tomorrow is open house at McLane so he can't wait to take Macie and introduce her to his teacher.

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