Thursday, November 09, 2006

Never a dull moment.....

Schedules are as busy as ever around here. All three kids are in basketball. Macie is on the same team with MaryKate. It is so fun to watch them. Macie is continuing her swimming lessons. She really likes the water. Grant is playing on the St. Mary's team again. And Evan is always full of surprises. Last week he had a mishap at the YMCA and ended up with a huge bump on his head. What do you suppose would make a child want to hang upside down from a towel bar in the boys locker room? I am still trying to figure it out. There is a lesson to be learned here though....towel bars are for hanging towels on...not for boys to hang on. Boys are so heavy, they cause the towel bar to come off the wall and the boy to fall on his head on the tile floor! OUCH!! He had a lump the size of an egg on the top of his head! Fortunately, it was not a concussion and a little tylenol goes a long way:)

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