Friday, March 23, 2007

A Ruff Week.......

TGIF! It has been a a week to forget
around here. It started with a root canal gone bad for me on Tuesday. One of the files broke off in my tooth and it is still there. I had to schedule another appointment to have the tooth pulled in a couple of weeks. Wednesday we had a spring storm. A nice down pour with pea sized hail. LadyJane decided that she did not want to come inside. Instead she chased some poor creature (I am guessing it was a squirrel or rabbit) 'round and 'round the mulberry tree in the back yard. I ended up paying Evan five bucks to go out in the rain and get the dog in. When he brought her in, she was in bad shape. Besides being all wet and full of mud, she had somehow managed to get poked in the eye and skinned her nose. So, at 9:30 on Wed. night, it was a trip to the Emergency Vet in Milwaukee. Three hours and $110.00 later we are back home with a couple of medications and a cone around her head. She is just starting to look better today. She is finally eating and opening her eye a little bit. We have a follow up appointment with our local vet tomorrow morning. Let's hope next week is uneventful.


Mommy Spice said...

Awww, poor pup. Thank goodness it's the weekend. Hopefully next week is much better.

Cute picture!!

Amy said...

Oh no!!! It never seems to rain...I pray you get a really blessed week now!