Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Never a dull moment......

It has been another busy week around here. Last Friday Grant and I got to ride in an ambulance. He hit the floor hard during his basketball game. He landed right on his hip bone and could not get up. Thankfully we have quite a few medical personnel that have kids on our parish team. We had several nurses and a firefighter/emt. They all advised that we call 911 and have him taken in for xrays. They did not want to move him at all. The ambulance came and put him on a stretcher and loaded him into the back. I got to ride along and Mike followed in his truck behind. After a thorough check & xray we were glad to hear that there was nothing broken, just badly bruised and a nasty floor burn on his elbow. We went home with an ice pack. He was pretty stiff the next morning, but he did play as his team was in a tournament in Germantown. His team won on Friday night (when we left it was 22-2) but they lost on Saturday. His coach gave him the hustle award for coming back from an injury.

Macie had a sleep over at Madeline's house. Madeline celebrated her 11th birthday last week. The girls stayed up late playing dance, dance revolution and singing karaoke. She had a blast!

Saturday morning started early with Macie's swimming lessons & then it was off to breakfast with Santa with a bunch of cousins. It was at my Aunt Susie's house. The kids had a good time. Santa sure has the scoop on this bunch. He knew about the window that got broken at the middle school during one of the football games, he knew about how pouty a little girl can get and how everyone needs to be really nice to their brothers & sisters and listen to their parents. The boys got gift cards for the go-kart track and Macie got a panda webkinz. We all had lots of fun. This is the one gathering each year that I get to see a couple of my cousins & their kids so it is always a good time.

Sunday morning was church and then off to Chinese school for Macie. I was able to get my baking started. When Macie came home, she helped decorate some of the cookies.

Monday it was back to school and piano lessons & basketball practice. Today was a day to relax for the kids. They had a snow day. They were glad to stay home and play outside most of the day. I made it into work, but Mike worked from home. The snow was beautiful. It looks so fresh outside. I really love to see the pine trees draped in white.


Amy said...

Those cookies look so good!

Mommy Spice said...

I'm so glad your son is ok. That must have been scary.

Looks like breakfast with Santa was fun.

Merry Christmas!!