Thursday, March 27, 2008

Driveway Art
Macie spent some time outside this afternoon decorating the driveway. She asked if she could borrow my camera but did not say what she wanted to take picktures of. What great work! I was nicely surprised by her message on the driveway. She had to take a few pictures so I could read the whole message. The last picture is of our family. We needed it to send along with our application to Adoption Advocates International. We are petitioning for an 8 yr old little girl. Please pray that everything falls into place and we are able to bring her home.


Mom of 5 said...

Great photo !!
It will happen-many prayers said.
We love that art work Macie !

cheepette8 said...

Great work! Great photo! I am saying my prayers for you guys!

Amy said...

Oh my! An 8 year old!!! Is it Jessica? I saw her file? I love AAI! I am so excited for you!!! We did get the money. You are just the kindest person on this Earth! Thank you for all your good words and prayer in these past weeks. I don't know you Jill, but I just love you. You are my sister. This news about an 8 year old gives me so much joy!

Sara said...

Just want to let you know we are praying for your family and for that precious little girl....that you WILL be bringing home!! What WONDERFUL news!! :-)

Karen said...

I read your news on "Waala Family Adventures" blog and had to hop over and congratulate your family!
Our daughter, that we adopted last July, was 7 1/2 when she came home. I'll be praying for your family.