Sunday, June 08, 2008

Rain, rain go away, come again another day....

It has been a VERY rainy week. It started on Thursday morning. I was ready to leave for work at 5:15 and I heard the tornado sirens. I woke everyone up and we headed to the basement. I was about 45 minutes late for work. After I left, the thunder and lightening continued. Lightening struck the ground in the back yard. It knocked out our phone, internet and tv. It fried the garage door opener and the invisible fence. LadyJane does not like to be tied up. She hasn't figured out that it is not working, but we don't want to take any chances.

Evan had a baseball tournement on Saturday. Just after they finished the game, the tornado sirens went off. We were in New Berlin which is about an hour from home, so we had no place to take shelter. We jumped in the car and headed to the mall. They sent all the customers (or at least the ones that listened) to a back hallway behind the food court. We hung out there for over an hour before we left and headed home. The rest of the tournement was cancelled.

Sunday after church, we were drving through town and saw a couple of downed trees and drove through a few flooded streets. I was supposed to go fishing on Lake Michigan, but that got cancelled. The rain stopped for most of the day so the kids in the neighborhood took advantage...I guess no matter what age you are, puddles are still fun to play in. The rain has started up again and the forcast looks wet. I am sure the kids will be back in the puddles tomorrow after their last day of school.

Oh, 3 of the 4 pretty blue eggs hatched. We will have to wait for the last one.

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redmaryjanes said...

This past weekend's weather was nuts. We had large hail and it was almost 90 degrees!
We made it through it all without losing power though, so I can't complain.

I am trying to create a book list for the new blog No Place Like Home. I was wondering if you had any recommendations?