Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Never a Dull Moment at the Waala House of Fun!
Just when you think things are getting back to normal...something else comes up. I was just getting used to being back to the school routine withe the kids when I got a call from Macie's school yesterday. She was running a fever and I needed to pick her up. I am so thankful that I am able to work from home. I just had to let my boss know I was going to be out for a short while and once I got her back home, I was able to continue my work day. How nice not to have to burn an entire day of sick time! I am really liking this telecommute! So Macie's sleeps a good portion of the day. As the afternoon rolls around and the school buses start crusing through the neighborhood, we wait for the boys to get home. As soon as they bust in the door, Evan says he does not want to go to football practice. This is not unusual....he loves to socialize with his teammates, its the work that he would rather not have to do. But to his defense, his foot has been tender since he got the stitches. Well, the stitches came out last Thursday and the doc gave him the ok to go back to football. He has been favoring it a bit. I imagine it was still sore. Well yesterday, he was just about in tears telling me it really hurt. I had him take his sock off and holy cow! It looked awful. There was a huge pus fulled blister under the skin! Pretty nasty. I can just imagine the pain. So I call the doc and we get him in right away. I am talking to the nurse telling her this is one of those--I feel like a really bad mom-- moments. I have to admit, I have not looked at his foot since the stitches came out. I figured all was well. It was just still a little sore. Well the good old doc cut away all the dead skin. He said it was healing nicely from the inside out, but because that skin is so thick, it wasn't totally healed when the stitches came out and a little dirt probably got back in there. A good cleaning and a script for an antibiotic and were were out of there. Two more weeks of no football or gym (to Evan's relief). He is pretty proud of the gaping hole in his foot & wanted to show it off, so here it is. This actually looks pretty good compared to the day I took him in for the stitches and yesterday before the doc got the infection cleaned up. He did promise the doc that he would wear shoes when he plays outside from now on. So now, hopefully, we are back on the road to normal---or as normal as we can be!

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