Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Two wonderful things happened today.

First, I get a call from school. Given that it was 4:00 in the afternoon, I figured someone either missed the bus ride home or worse, someone got themselves into a bit of trouble. I was wrong on both counts. It was a call from one of Grant's teachers calling to tell me what nice kid he was and what a pleasure it was to have him in her class. WOW! How many teachers take the time to make calls like that! She went on to tell me that he always puts a lot of effort into his work and is just a very nice boy. Last we he and another boy came into class and found $8.00 on the floor. They turned it in to the teacher. She said that does not happen very often these days. Most kids would pocket the money and not say a word. She was very impressed that these 2 boys turned in the money. She said Grant is really a special kid and she really enjoys having him in class.

The second wonderful part of the day came shortly after that phone call from Grant's teacher. It was a call from USCIS which is the dept. of immigration. They have had our file since June and we have been waiting patiently for approval so we can get 1 piece of paper to complete our dossier. Well, I got the call today that our file has been approved!


We are one step closer to bringing Bethany home!

It was a very good day!


Mom of 5 said...

I got your message as I was flying into Utah !!
That is wonderful !
I am so excited.

Way to go Grant...

Amy said...


cheepette8 said...

Awesome job Grant and I'm so glad you guys are approved! Congratulations!