Friday, May 08, 2009

And We're Off !!!!!

Our next post will be from China. We were up early to head to the airport. As were were in the kitchen eating breakfast, Mike asked the kids if they would miss each other. Macie and Evan said no. Evan said he would miss me but not Macie (typical brother) Macie agreed that she would not miss him, but she does love her brothers "at the bottom of her heart but not sure about the top". We all cracked up!

Mike will be kept busy with Grant & Evan's baseball schedules. I think he will be able to hold down the fort while we are gone. The only 2 things I asked for were 1) to come home to a relatively clean house w/out a mountain of laundry and 2) that the boys get haircuts. I think I have a better chance on #1. :)

That's if for now. We are outta here!!!!!!!


Mom 2 six said...

Can't wait for your post that you are safe and in China !
Thinking about you all day ~

Sara W. said...

How exciting! You will be soon...very seeing Bethany. Nothing compares to seeing your child walk through those doors...for the first time:-)

Thinking of you.