Saturday, May 23, 2009

Home At Last!!!

We made it home safe and sound. And what a treat to sleep in my own bed! It was killing me not to be able to update while in Guangzhou. I know you were all missing us :)

Guangzhou was hot and humid. We got all our shopping done. The medical evaluation went fine as well as the Consulate appointment. We ate at a German restauratant, Italian restaurant and at Lucy's on the island. We also enjoyed high tea at our hotel a few of they days. We also found Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic chapel in Guangzhou and got to go inside. What a treat! I will post pictures from Guangzhou & Hong Kong today.

Hong Kong is the most beautiful city! I wish we could have stayed there longer. Our hotel was incredible. We stayed at the Harbour Plaza Metropolis. It was right across from the train station so we did not even need to take a taxi when we got off the train from Guangzhou. The hotel was attached to a mall. All the stores in Hong Kong are amazing. One level of one of the malls was all kids name brand like Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabnana, Ralph Lauren--all for kids. There was even an Oshkosh b'Gosh store. Of course we did seek out the Harley Davidson Boutique at the Ocean Center Plaza. A small store, but it had just what we needed:)

Thanks to everyone for all you prayers, support and comments. We really appreciate it.