Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Piano recitals and silliness......

While Grant was off in the woods this weekend, Macie had her piano recital. She took her friend, Erika along and after the recital they played together. Macie did a fantastic job!

With big brother gone, the other 2 just resorted to silliness. The pictures say it all :)

Grant did not bring home a turkey, but he did have a great time. He saw A LOT of wildlife including raccoon, porcupine, deer, eagle & bear, oh my! I guess his cousin, Drew will have to bring the turkey home.

I am just about all packed for China. Macie is getting really excited.


Ohilda said...

Don't you just love girl silliness? They're too cute.

Mia's MaMa said...

ooooooo I can't wait to see pics from China!!!!!