Thursday, May 14, 2009

So much to post and it is only noon!!!!

Today is our last full day in Harbin. We made one last trip(at least I think its our last trip) to Walmart. I think we have been there everyday:) This super walmart has 4 floors to it. This morning we had the opportunity to get fresh seaweed, fresh fish, eels, sea cucumber and a number of unitendifiable fresh items. Each time we go, we walk in circles trying to figure out where things are. Mom talked to a lady that was offering a sample of black mushrooms. She passed:) Some of the clerks are very nice, others just keep walking when you are trying to talk to them. The shopping carts are a hoot. The wheels go in all directions so you feel like you have no control. When you need to go up or down a floor, you get on the escalator ramp with your cart. There are stoppers on the wheels that grip the ramp.

After we loaded up on our daily supplies, we headed back to the hotel. Our guide, Lynn met us at 10:00am to take us to Sophia Church. It is an orthodox church that has been turned into a museum. It was partially renovated and had some beautiful pictures in it. It also contains a photographic history of the city of Harbin. Outside the church, there was a basketball competition going on. The NBA logo was all over the place. The girls also got to feed the pigeons outside the church. They really enjoyed it. When

we were done there, Lynn took us to the best dumpling restaurant in town. She wasn't kidding. It was so good. We bought lunch for Lynn and our driver. For an appetizer, we had shredded potatoes & beef. It reminded me of haystack onion rings, but tasted like potato chips with fried beef & sweet red onion in it. We sampled many kinds of dumplings, both boiled and fried. There were vegetable, pork & celery, beef, and corn. Each kind was delicious. We also had steamed broccolli. After we were done eating, Lynn took us in back to see the workers making the dumplings. Their hands move so fast. It was fun to watch.

We are back at our hotel and plan to spend the rest of the afternoon packing and relaxing. We will leave for the airport tomorrow morning at 8:00am. We will fly from Harbin to Beijing to catch our connecting flight to Guangzhou. We can hardly wait!


Tricia said...

We love the pictures! Bethenny and Macie are beautiful sisters! I also liked seeing the Walmart. Travel safe and can't wait to see you in Wisconsin! Love, Tricia

Mom 2 six said...

I am so glad you are off to Guangzhou !
Harbin looks amazing.
Will talk to you later-

Sara W. said...

Oh now I'm hungry for China dumplings!

Walmart in China...your pictures bring back memories.

Bethany has the most delicious dimples ever, eyes that just dance, a cute button nose, a scoop of spunk, and an infectious giggle.

I bet she just loves having Macie along. What beautiful daughters you have! Macie looks like such a sweet big sister.

Have fun in GZ.

Mom 2 six said...

Hope all is well in GZ.
5 more days !

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun. Emma is so jealous of ALL those barettes. Hope your flight to GZ is uneventful. I'm thinking it is 4+ hours or so?