Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Graduations, Birthdays, Championships & more......

It has been super busy around here. We celebrated Grant's 8th grade graduation and Bethany's 10th birthday with a party on Friday. Huge milestones for both kiddos! It's hard to believe we have a high schooler in the house! And two 10 year old girls!

Evan had another baseball tournament this weekend and his team took the championship! He had an awesome series! We are so proud of him!

Auntie Jenny & the boys were down for the weekend. She brought the dirt bikes and Auntie Lynn gave some of the kids motorcycle safety lessons. They really had fun driving around the field. I think we will have some additional harley riders in the family.

We are still adjusting as is expected. Some days are harder than others. Sunday was especially difficult. Bethany and I ended up in tears on the bedroom floor. I think we both needed to have a good cry. After that, she and I and Nana went to plant some flowers at Grandma Blackie's grave. It was very therapeutic for me. Grandma was such a strong woman. She raised 4 wonderful children on her own. She is such an inspiration to me. I know she is watching over us from heaven. These challenges are not a surprise. I expected them. It's just hard to go through it. I know that six months from now things will be so different. Each day brings new and wonderful experiences. Each day also brings new challenges. I am so thankful that I have such a wonderful support system. My family is AWESOME! Thank you, Lord for my wonderful family!!!!

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