Monday, August 17, 2009

How much can you pack into one weekend?????

On Saturday, Bethany and cousin Elijah were baptized. We are so glad we were able to get that done. It was a very special day for both kids. Bethany giggled while the water was poured on her head. She was so excited to finally wear her pretty dress that we bought in China just for this very special occasion. She likes to go to church, or as she calls it 'go to Father, Son, Holy Spirit'. Bethany's sponsors are Auntie Shelly, Auntie Dianne and cousin Brandon. And I have the honor of being Eli's godmother. After the baptism, we celebrated by going out to our favorite local Chinese restaurant.

On Sunday, we celebrated Macie's 11th birthday. She is so glad to be older than Bethany now! She and Bethany have both been 10 years old since June and I think that kind of annoyed her. I just thought it was cute. We had a party at the bowling alley with her cousin, Adam. He turned 7. His birthday is the day before Macie's so we combined the parties. The kids had a blast bowling!

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