Monday, September 21, 2009

Bikes, babies, taters, birthdays & hoolahoops.....(and not necessarily in that order)

Another busy weekend has past. Grant is busy working on his bike. He bought a new frame and it in the process of rebuilding. Nana & Auntie Dianne cleaned and sorted potatoes. Papa took Nana potato pickin' and I think we have enough to feed the entire neighborhood! Evan played football on Saturday and for the life of me, I cannot remember if his team won or lost. But I do remember it was fun to watch. The weather was beautiful & the girls had fun playing outside. Bethany got to meet her newest cousin, baby Ryan on Sunday. She had fun playing with his big brothers, Joe & Mikey when we stopped to visit. Bethany also mastered the hoolahoop this weekend. She was so proud of herself! And finally ........

Happy Birthday to my OLDER sister, Lynn! We love you, Auntie Lynn!!!!

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Ohilda said...

Woohhooo....look at her go! What great pictures. Your family is beautiful.

Happy Birthday Lynn!