Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy 40th Birthday to my baby sister, Jenny!

Jenny turned 40 yesterday and wanted to go out to dinner to celebrate. We went to Texas Road House and she got to ride the saddle. In fact, she wanted to ride the saddle:) After that, we went to the Lighthouse for drinks and cake. She got the kids out on the dance floor and decided that she was not too old to do the worm. Heck, she could do it when she was 20, why couldn't she do it when she was 40? Evan can do the worm pretty well, so the 2 of them got on the dance floor and to show us their stuff. Evan can still do the worm (he's 12). Jenny, sorry to say, can no longer do the worm(did I mention she was 40?) I guess there are some things that we do grow out of:)

Lynn and I picked out her cake at a local bakery. Who knew there was a dinosuar cake in the cooler, just for her. We had them put a very heartfelt message on it. The ladies at the bakery were cracking up...they said "if my friends got me a cake like that, they wouldn't be my friends anymore" Sorry Jennifer, you can pick your friends, but not your relatives!

Hope you had fun. We love you, little sis!

Here are some pictures from the entire weekend. We had fun with David and Adam. We watched MaryKate play volleyball, made hamburger cookies and spent some time on the playground. There are more birthday party pictures as well.

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