Friday, October 02, 2009

Asking for prayers........

Today, my Auntie Dianne is going in for a heart catheterization. Please pray for her. Pray that the surgeon's hands are guided by our Great Physician to heal her heart. And that she has a speedy recovery.


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Sara W. said...

I hope your Aunt Dianne's heart cath went well and she is recovering fine..and can go home tonight.

The Thai-Asian Market is in Menomonee Falls. Corner of Lilly Rd. and Silver Spring.

Address is: N56 W14108 Silver Spring Dr.

open 7 days/wk

I just take Hwy.45 to Sliver Spring exit, take right off of exit and go about 2 miles. It's in a strip Subway. Easy to get to!

If you want something special, just call them on a Wednesday to request it..then when they (her husband) goes down to Chicago to Chinatown, he'll bring it back for you. Friday early afternoons are a great time to go (if you are looking for fresh bakery/food items/dumpling/bun things??)They always have seaweed..Quinn loves the hot and spicy kind. They have tons of varities and quantities...Quinn just loves it. They also have Tempura Seaweed...more like a chip.

Since Moon Festival is going on...they will pick up some when in Chicago if you call on a Wed to request. I have never had one, but Quinn was telling us about them. He said, "they good, sweet and honey." I will be calling and ordering some.

I wanted to run down there today, but didn't make it. We had our last bag of seaweed this week..and Quinn is asking for more, of course :-)

Oh, they also have seaweed sticks in a jar too...the same kind we had while in Nanjing. If I would let him, he would eat ALL the seaweed on the way home.

One more thing...the rice cakes are also very good. (avail.on Fridays only) Quinn spotted them and put 2 in my basket right away. They are not like a traditional rice cake. Quinn told me they have sugar cane on them and "red"...whatever that is :-)

Geez, and all I was going to tell you were the directions. Oh well.