Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Leaf piles, pumpkins & Miley.......

Another busy weekend around here. Saturday morning, we headed out to

Uncle Frank & Auntie Gay's house to pick pumpkins. Our cool summer

produced quite the crop this year! They had fun picking out their own pumpkins.

We had to pick Evan's for him, as he had a football game in Oconomowoc

--which he did win. Right after we loaded the van, the snowflakes started

to fly! That is the earliest snow that I can ever remember!

The girls spent some time playing in the yard before we had to get ready

to head to Milwaukee. Macie got tickets to see Miley Cyrus for

her birthday! She took her friend and her sister along.

It was a lot of fun & VERY LOUD! (do I sound old?) Nothing like an arena of

screaming tweens to make you smile!


Catching Butterflies 3 said...

my kids would love to see Miley!

Ohilda said...

What fun!!! It's funny to see all the jackets and coats when it's still 97 degrees down here.

Great pictures and wonderful memories.

And Miley? My little kids don't know who she is, but Amanda likes some of her song. The other day we were walking into a store and Kai broke out into song, "A paaaarty in the USA!" LOL!