Friday, November 13, 2009

Halloween and a little craziness.........

Just a few pics from Halloween. Bethany was very excited to get LOTS of candy! She was the cutest little ladybug. Macie was a dalmation again. The boys did their own thing. Grant trick or treated for UNICEF again. When we were in Harbin for Bethany's adoption, we rode around in a UNICEF van. It was really cool to see where some of that money goes.

And we have a few pics of Evan being, well, Evan:) Hairdos with the vaccuum & headstands. The kid is full of surprises:) I keep teasing him that he will have to put his hair in a ponytail for basketball.

Bethany has decided that she wants to take piano lessons. She begged me "Paahhllleaasssseee Mama! Bethany take piano lessons!" We took one of Macie's old books along to her lesson so her teacher could give Bethany a song or 2 to work on. When we got home, Bethany sat right down and started practicing. She turned to me and said "Thank you for piano, mama!"

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