Monday, November 30, 2009

Helping out a friend in need........

If you followed our blog back in 2006 when we adopted Macie, you know that we took a care package along for another girl at her orphanage. We had the privilege of meeting Wen Tao in Chengdu. I spoke with her mom several times on the phone before and after we were both home.

Well, that family is adopting again. They started out petitioning for one more girl and low and behold, they are on the path to bringing 2 girls home in January. The girls they are bringing home are 13 and 13 1/2 years old. They must travel by January 11th so the older one does not 'age out' and become ineligible for adoption. I know the financial strain an adoption takes on a family. I am asking that you check out Kathleen's blog. If you have the means, please help her out. No amount is too small. I know we were blessed by friends and family contributing to our raffles, now I am trying to "pay it forward". You can find Kathleen's blog
here. She has 3 beautiful girls at home and 2 waiting for her in China.


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