Monday, May 03, 2010

Another busy weekend.......

Auntie Jenny & David came down from MI for the weekend. Bethany was so excited---she got an early 1st Communion gift from Auntie Jenny, Uncle Kevin, David & Adam--a new bike! She hopped right on and away she went.

Evan spends his free time on his skateboard. He can do some pretty cool stuff--don't ask me what the moves are called--I just keep telling him to be careful!

Macie had a piano recital this weekend. She did a great job. She played a piece by Bach. She was glad that Nana, Auntie Jenny, David, Auntie Dianne, Bethany, Evan and I were able to attend. Mike and Grant were at an all day training for their upcoming missions trip. They learned how to build walls. This will come in handy when we start working on the basement.

Sunday, Macie had Chinese school. Since it was my turn to drive and the weather was so nice, I took my new camera along and snapped a few shots at Marquette University--that is where she has class. They have a beautiful campus and the trees and flowers were in full bloom.


Catching Butterflies 3 said...

Tell me more about the missions trip. Sounds pretty cool!

Goodfido said...

Great pictures of the flowers and such! Gotta Love new camera's