Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bethany!!!

Bethany celebrated her 11th birthday with a bowling party at Lighthouse Lanes on Sunday. Of course I did not get any pictures of the kids bowling, but they did have fun. It was amazing to see an 11 year old child experience a real birthday party for the first time. Last year, we had a combined party for Bethany's birthday and Grant's 8th grade graduation. It was just a couple of weeks after we got back from China. She really did not know what was going on. This year, she knew it was all about her and boy was she excited! She received everything she asked for--sidewalk chalk & paint, a skateboard, a volley ball, games, water balloons, books, a little $$, clothes, a fishing pole & a truck. She has been asking for a new truck for months. She got one from Nana & Papa. She couldn't wait to open it. When she took the packaging off, her comment was "SWEET TRUCK!"

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Ohilda said...

Happy birthday precious Bethany!! You blessed us so much with your visit. :) It sure does sound like you had a spectacular day.