Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A quick update.....

It has been busy as usual around here. Grant got his driver's license!! Hopefully that will cut down on mom's taxi service :) He has been doing well in football too. Two weeks ago he had an interception. It was very exciting to see. Evan is busy with football as well. I will have to get some pictures of him in uniform.

Homecoming was last week. It poured during the game and somehow I got sucked into selling tickets for the 50/50 raffle during the downpour. (thanks, Lynn) We still had fun. My nephew Bryce attended his first Homecoming dance. He stopped by so Mike could help him tie his tie. He looked very handsome--which will totally embarrass him, but isn't that what Aunties are for??

Lynn and I took Macie, MaryKate, Grant and one of his buddies to a haunted corn maze. It was hilarious!! I hurt from laughing so hard. Bethany was pretty upset that I would not let her go, but I did not want to deal with nightmares for the next few weeks. Instead, she got to pick out a pumpkin and she and her friend did a great job painting it.

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