Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What have we been up to ?

Oh, it's always busy around here. So busy that I have very little time to update the blog! Winter has passed and now we are into Spring. So why is there snow outside my window? Ah, the joys of Wisconsin weather. Never a dull moment, just like at our house :)

Basketball has come and gone for Bethany and Evan. They both had good seasons. Bowling has wound down as well. Grant has a couple more events before Nationals in Vegas, baby! Grant is excited to go, as is the whole fam! Cheerleading Spirit camps, messing with the dog, creating funky hairdo's with the vacuum, lifeguard certification classes is what has been filling up our days. Macie is becoming the cupcake queen around here. Evan told her she makes the best cupcakes! Poker nights, Just Dance competitions, skateboarding, biking and kickball are constantly going on around here.

Life is good!

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