Friday, July 21, 2006

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful girl....

The morning after we got home, Macie recieved a beautiful boquet of flowers from Auntie Ann, cousins Michelle, Alexandra and Nicole. What a nice surprise!

We are still trying to get our internal clocks on Wisconsin time. It is harder than you would think. Last night at about 3 am Evan and Macie decided it was time to wake up, have a snack and ride scooters thru the house. Then is was time to watch a movie, then on to video games. They finally went back to bed around 5:30am. This afternoon we took the scooters outside and she had a blast. I don't think she has ever used one before, but she did pretty well.... only a couple of minor spills. The kids in the neighborhood think she is sweet. After supper we walked down to Lynn & Dale's to burn a little energy in hopes that tonight we can sleep thru til morning. She and Mary Kate jumped rope and played for a while. Tomorrow we are going to go to the farmer's market. It should be fun. Love to all!

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Sherry said...

Hi! Welcome home! Glad you are all home safely. We can't wait to meet Macie! Take care-Sherry, DAvid, Jack and Megan