Thursday, July 20, 2006

Home Sweet Home.....

After 3 flights and way too many hours of travel, WE ARE HOME AT LAST! Our journey home went smoothly and we were greeted by a wonderful entourage. After our welcome home dinner, we celebrated Mary Kate's 7th Birthday. She waited 2 days to have her cake and ice cream so Macie could be there. Macie loves her bedroom and was ready to crawl into bed around 9:30pm, but due to the time change, she was up and at 'em at 3:00am. I tried to explain that it was still dark out and time to sleep, but her little internal clock told her it was time to play barbie dolls. She played quietly for a couple of hours until I was functional enough to make her some pancakes around 6:00am. By 9:30am, we were all back in bed. We finally stirred around 4:00pm. We ran a few errands and had dinner at McDonald's. Then it was a visit to Dave and Shelly's to see their little Mia. She is just the cutest little peanut. Macie was surprised to see another little chinese girl in the mix. It didn't take Macie long to be running an playing with the cousins. She fits right in. It is so wonderful to see her laugh and play with all the kids.

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