Saturday, July 15, 2006

One Step Closer to Home......

We said good-bye to Macie BeiBei's birth city, Chengdu. I had mixed emotions about leaving. We are taking this sweet girl away from the only place she has ever known, but we are one step closer to bringing her home and opening up a whole new world of opportunities for her. Of course our departure was not with incident. We boarded our bus and pulled away from the wonderful Yinhe Dynasty Hotel to head for the airport. We no sooner got around the block when our bus broke down. Now imagine, you are in the center lane in the middle of morning rush hour in a city of 11 million people! We had to get off the bus and take taxis to the airport. The worst part was trying to get thru the traffic to the sidewalk to get in the cabs. Not only did we have to watch for the cars & busses, there are also the bikes, scooters & rickshaws. Crossing the street in this city is a harrowing experience every time. Milwaukee traffice (even with the construction) is a cake walk compared to this! Once we got to the airport, our flight was delay about 40 minutes. Once we got on the plane, all was good. The flight was nice. It was 97 degrees in Guangzhou when we landed with a light rain. Our guide, Jack told us that yesterday the temperature reached an all time record high of 102. The forcast looks rainy but we have umbrellas and will still venture out to shop and shop some more. We are all ready to come home & are looking forward to seeing everyone. Love to all!!!

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