Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Visit to a traditional street....

Sandy took us to a traditional Chinese street tonight. It was quite a site to see. The streets were all lit up with lanterns. It was strickly pedestrian, which was nice. No worries about being run over by a scooter, bike or rickshaw. Or car or bus for that matter:) The little boy in the picture was doing shadow dancing puppets. It was really cool. The kids liked it. When he saw the group of Americans, he got out the Mickey Mouse character.

Macie BeiBei amazes us more each day. She is starting to get pretty comfortable with us. If things don't go the way she wants, we will see a little attitude. She and Evan argued today at KFC and she ignored him during the walk back to the hotel. But by the time we were in the lobby, she was hugging and kissing him again:) He was worried there for a while that she didn't like him anymore. I had to explain that it was kinda like when MaryKate doesn't get her way and she gets mad for a while. Girls (and boys) sometimes do that, but they get over it. (sorry MaryKate for using you as an example:)

Tomorrow morning we are going to a park. It will be good for the kids to be able to run around for a while. It is hard to keep things calm when you are cooped up in a hotel for so long. This afternoon got pretty silly & we had to keep telling them to quiet down because the laughter was getting so loud. It's hard to stifle them because I know it is such an important part of the whole bonding experience and we want that to continue to grow.

We called home today---sorry for calling so late, Lynn & Dale, but once Sandy showed me how to use the card, that was stopping now. It was good to hear your voice. We even put Macie BeiBei on the phone to say 'Hi Auntie Lynn" It was so cute to hear. We can't wait to get home to everyone. Thanks for all the emails. It is hard to respond to them all but we sure appreciate them!!

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