Friday, July 07, 2006

We Made It!!!

We arrived safe and sound. The flights were long, but uneventful. Our guide is wonderful. There are 5 other families with us in Beijing. Chuck and Julie are from Miami, Chris and her mom Mary are from Indiana (i think). The rest, I don't remember, but everyone was very nice. Our China coordinator, Ming, met us in the lobby last night. She is very nice and seemed excited that the boys were along. She said Macie Bei Bei will bond with them first, then with us. She said it is very good that they are along to help ease her transition. Today will be a full day (12 hours according to our guide) of touring. We will see Tiannamin Sqaure, the Forbidden City, a Hotung, dine at a Dai restaurant and see an acrobat show. Tomorrow will be the Great Wall. We hope to get to the Harley Dealer as well. Thanks for all the prayers for safe travels. Love to all!

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Lynn said...

Congratulations on your safe arrival! We have been checking constantly for an update. I hope you don't run into the mini typhoon Shelly did! D-backs lost so the season is over-they are waiting patiently for your return for their team party. Lady, Wiggles and Cheeto are all fine but missing you. Take care, stay safe and we will keep sending prayers and good thoughts your way! love, the Schmidts