Thursday, August 17, 2006

Summer Fun.......

We took the kids to the State Fair with the Schmidt family. Macie won the Veggie 500. Her leek was faster than the corn, the potato, the tomato, the cucumber and the carrots. We had fun checking out all the animals and the funnel cakes were delicious. Jenny and Kevin had their farewell pig roast last weekend. They will be moving back to the U.P. over Labor Day. We will miss them but wish them well. The pig was roasted to perfection and the kids had a blast in the bouncy castle. Auntie Dianne and Uncle Jerry came from Georgia for the party and Macie was very glad to meet them. Of course the visit was way to short. Last night we went to Riverside Park. A group of families with children from China meet there once a week. It was neat to see all the little Chinese girls playing together. There is one family that just got back from Chengdu 2 weeks ago. Their daughter is from the same orphanage that Macie was at when we picked her up. It was a nice time and we hope to go back next week. Today we will head to McLane to get Evan registered for school. I think they are all getting excited to go back. I could handle another month or so of summer vacation though. I am really enjoying my time off. Grant has started football practice. Everytime he suits up, Macie starts chanting "GO PACK GO!" I can't wait for the first game.

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