Saturday, February 24, 2007

Another busy week.....

It has been a week full of basketball, basketball and more basketball this week. Evan had the opportunity to play in his first tournament. He did really well. His team lost their games on Tuesday and Thursday, but they put up a good fight. He plays again this afternoon. Hopefully they can pull off a win. Grant is playing in the same tournament. His team lost both games as well, but their regular season game brought home a win last night. He actually plays on the 5th & 6th grade team and plays up on the 7th & 8th grade team as they have a few players out with injuries. Both teams won last night.

We are in the midst of a blizzard warning today. We got about 7 inches of snow last night and are expecting another 8-12 tonight. Macie is begging to go out and play. Hopefully we can build a snowman later.

The ladybug pictures are posted for my cyberfriend, Amy. She is in Germany and wanted to see everyone's favorite ladybugs. These are a couple of mine....I found the little purse last year when we were waiting to travel to China. Then of course, we have our cute little lady wearing her ladybug earrings. Please check out Amy's blog. Her link is "Catching Butterflies" on my sidebar. She can really use some prayer right now, so I ask that you all add her and her in-laws to your prayer list.

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Amy said...

Great ladybug photos! Can I put them on my blog slideshow? You don't need to send them, I just right clicked on my mouse and already saved them! I love your new music!!!