Tuesday, February 20, 2007

We started a new tradition to celebrate Chinese New Year. We went out to dinner with Dave, Shelly, Harrison, Madeline, Hayden, Keaton & Mia. We had fun and the food at King Buffet was really good. Macie and I gave all the kids the traditional red envelope with 'lucky money' inside. I got them each a new golden dollar. We are looking forward to next year. Macie also took Chinese New Year envelopes to school. We had a pencils with "Happy Chinese New Year" printed on them, along with some Chinese candies that I had ordered. She took some story books about Chinese New Year to share with her class too. She said all the kids liked her books and treats. I got a recipe for Chinese Sweet Rice Cake from Macie's tutor. We made it and it actually turned out pretty good. A very different but tasty treat.

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