Friday, December 28, 2007

Everything is back in place.......
We got about 6 inches of snow this afternoon. The kids and I decided to clear the driveway before Mike go home. I was just about done when I slipped. My knee went out of joint, back in, back out & back in again. Oh my gosh! It was so painful. I saw stars! The kids helped be back into the house. The neighbor was outside, but he never saw what happened. The town snow plow guy slowed down to watch me lay in the driveway, but he never stopped, just stared. If there would have been more cars on our street he would have caused a gapers block!
The kids did great. Grant called Mike & told him to come right home. Then he called Uncle Dale so he could get me to the ER. Evan & Macie helped me limp into the house, get my boots off & got me a glass of water. I did great too. I didn't utter one swear word. (my bil Sam would have been amazed).
Now this is not the first time I have dislocated my knee. It is actually the 4th time! The first time was in high school. The second time was 2 years later when I was 19. The third time was when Grant was about 1 year old. So here it is 12 years later & I manage to blow it out again.
Of course the timing totally stinks on this. Tonight Evan is having a birthday party with his buddies at a go-kart track. He was worried that the party would be cancelled--first because of the snow, then because mom is a klutz. I told him not to worry, dad would take care of the party. My bil, Dale dropped me off at the ER and then had to go pick up his kids from the Y. Once he dropped his kids off at home, he came back to pick me up from the hospital. See--no problem fitting in a quick trip to the ER. A couple of xrays & some pain meds & a brand new leg imobilizer & I was ready to go. I got to visit with the same Doctor and Xray tech that took care of Grant 4 short weeks ago. They were glad to hear is doing fine. I wish we could get the frequent visitor discount, but I don't see that happening.
Tomorrow we are having family over for cake. I don't even have a cake yet, but my sister will handle that for me in the morning. Mike will have to wrap Evan's presents tonight when he gets back from the go-kart track. I was supposed to go to the Packer game on Sunday. Mike will have to find another date. That really bums me the most. It was the only game I was going to this season and who knows, it may be Brett Favre's last regular season game. Then of course we were invited to a friend's for New Year's Eve. It's an outside party w/a big bon fire. I don't see that happening anymore. And then we are planning the Waala Family Christmas on Jan. 5th. It's at my house, so my kids & hubby will really have to help me out.
Ok, I think I have vented enough about this. It could have been worse. I am able to hobble around. The pain will get better.


Mom of 5 said...

Oh me if I can help !

Amy said...

You poor baby! I hurt my knee on Christmas 2 years ago. My daughter Jessica put the rolls of wrapping paper on the floor in front of my desk and I tripped on them. I was down for 9 weeks! It took over a year to recover. I hate when that happens!

Alyson & Ford said...

Youch!! Hope you are a fast "mender" with all the activities planned. Sounds like you have a great family to all pitch in!
Huch happiness to you and your family in 2008!

LID 01/27/06

MsMaik said...

Anything to get out of coming to work, don't you realize I need you here??????

Just kidding, you need to take it easy don't rush, you only have one knee to spare.

If there is anything you need, let me know....