Thursday, December 06, 2007

Giving and Receiving........

I had to pay my debt to my nephew, Drew. We bet on the Packers-Cowboys game and the Packers lost. I had to hand over the coveted dilly bars. He was a good sport and shared them with his brother, sister & cousins. I think we will have a rematch in the playoffs and I am sure he will be giving me dilly bars. Can you believe how tall Drew is. He is only 14! He has passed up me, his mom, his dad and his Nana in height! I bet he will be putting the star on the Christmas tree this year!

The second picture is a box of german chocolates I received in the mail from my cyber friend, Amy. She is the best. She has a beautiful family of 5 children. One of her daughters is from China. Thank you, Amy. You are the best!

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Amy said...

Your welcome! You hang that chocolate on the Christmas tree. Merry Christmas!