Thursday, December 18, 2008

Are we having fun yet??????

There is never a dull moment at the Waala House of Fun. I tell you! We have been busy making all kinds of holiday treats. Nana, Auntie Dianne, Auntie Jenny and all the kids have been busy decorating cookies--and maybe eating a few too. The package has been mailed to Colorado. Tammy & Lori, watch for the mailman--I know the treats are good, but don't stalk the mailman :)

Shelly and I are trying to raise more $$ for our adoption expenses. Check out the Garmin raffle below.

Macie and Evan had their Christmas programs at school. They both did a great job! Evan's choir was quite impressive! He is really digging it! Maybe he will be the next Amerian Idol.. Who knows? Macie said she wants to be in choir when she is in 6th grade.

Grant keeps us on our toes...Yesterday I got a call from school to pick him up. He broke his finger. UGH! He was doing what all 14 year old boys do outside at school...sliding around on the ice. Another kid slid into him and caught his hand when he put it up. Yup, that amounts to a broken growth plate on the middle joint of his middle finger. He is walking around looking like he is flipping everyone off! The doc gave him some pain killers that really looped him up last night. He got pretty silly. He will be out of basketball for at least 2 weeks if not more. At least we are heading into the Christmas break so he might only miss 1 game. We will see.

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