Sunday, December 14, 2008

A new twist to our Garmin Raffle.....

Ok folks, Shelly and I are really trying to generate some funds to help cover the $2100 increase in adoption fees. We are adding a new twist to the Garmin raffle.

If you enter the raffle with at least one $10.00 donation AND link either the Waala House of Fun or The Waala Family to your blog, facebook or myspace page, we will throw your name in the raffle a second time.

Please tell everyone you know about this. We really want to get the word out. Once you enter the raffle and link us to your site, send us a quick email so we can get you added again. I would just be thrilled to see a million little red dots on the map on my sidebar.



Mia's MaMa said...

Good luck! Just made my donation! I also posted a link to you on my blog and my facebook... before I read the part about making it a double entry for doing that! LOL.

Amy said...

Jill, knowone is buying cars right now. Car dealers are almost giving cars away. Maybe a local car dealer has a car to give you. You could sell raffel tickets at basket ball games and foot ball games? Just an idea.

Amy said...

I was praying, and felt like we should just pray that China waves the fee increase for the older and SN kids. Maybe you should ask AAI if that is possible?