Tuesday, December 09, 2008

We're giving away a GARMIN!!!!!

Shelly and I were recently hit with the news in my previous post. The orphanage fee in China will be going up from $3000 to almost $5100 as of January 1. That is quite a jump in cost that we were not expecting. So, we decided to do another fund raiser. We thought with Christmas coming, you might like to take a chance and win a GARMIN Nuvi 200

Street smart and ultra-cool, you can count on nĂ¼vi 200 to get you there on time and in style. This sleek navigator and travel companion comes with preloaded maps for the lower 48 states, Hawaii and Puerto Rico or regional coverage in other areas.

To get in on the drawing, just click on the chip in on the side bar. Each entry is $10.00. So if you chip in $20.oo, your name will go in twice.

We hope to get enough entries to give this away by Christmas, so tell your friends & family to stop by our site!


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Amy said...

I put something on my blog. I will also put it on my facebook. Did you ask the yahoo groups? I will do this for you if you want me to. Are there any super hot kids toys everyone wants for Christmas? I buy a toy you can raffel off. Let me know. I will also give some money, I just have to ask Juergen how much. Also, did you ask AAI if the fee can be waived because you are adopting older SN kids? Jill, I am so sorry...this really kills me! Don't they make it so hard already! How can this be in the "best interest" of the kids? I'm really so sorry, but I know the need is going to get met anyway! You have my love!!! I send my love to you and your sil.