Thursday, January 08, 2009

Finger update......

I took Grant to the orthopedic doctor today. I thought this would be a relatively quick appointment. I did schedule 3 hrs off from work to take him thinking that I would have enough time to run a couple of errands afterwards. NOT! The appt was for 8:45. We got there a few minutes early & they took him right in for x-rays. I am thinking, wow, this is going really good. The x-rays come in, the nurse shows them to us & says the doc will be in shortly. Um, yeah, 'shortly' that's a relative term. While waiting, I realize that I forgot to call school to tell them Grant will be late. I call school & the secretary said she just called home & left a message. I apologize & said he should be there soon. After our 'short' wait, doc wants another x-ray. We wait about 15 minutes for that. Once that is done, we wait another 15 for doc to come back. He can't get the last x-ray to come up on the computer. Bummer, we don't get to see it, but he saw it in the other room. He checks Grant's finger. Moves it around a bit. Grant winces in pain a bit. Doc says we need to see a pediatric ortho doc at Children's Hospital. His finger rotates when he tries to make a fist--its not supposed to do that. There are a couple of options...rebreak it and pin it in place or buddy tape it to his ring finger. Let's hope for the latter. Grant wants to know if he can still play basketball. Doc says "NO BALL SPORTS!" Major bummer. He can still bowl, because he does that right handed. Doc tells his nurse to call Childrens to get an appt set up. Nurse said she will be 'right back'. Again 'right back' is a relative term. Nurse comes back & said she called Children's they can get him in on Tuesday, but before they can schedule the appt. they need to get him registered. Nurse takes us to the employee lounge to have us call the registration desk. We get him all registered & try to get transferred back to the pediatric doctors office so we can actually get the appt scheduled. The nice lady at registration said no one in answering, can they call me back. I let her know I was at the referring docs office. She said ok & gave me the # to call the office back. Nurse comes back into the lounge. I explain that we still don't have an appt time & we need a note from the doc to excuse Grant from phy. ed. Nurse gets on the phone, said she was put on hold and hands me the phone. She said someone will be right w/me to schedule the appt. & off she goes. I wait on hold for a while & we eventually do get the appt scheduled. By now it is after 11:00am. Poor Grant is starving. It's a quick stop to feed him lunch and then get him back to school. I rush home to get back to work by Noon. Whew! I am exhausted already!!!

I just ask that you send prayers up for Grant..... That this is nothing serious & that a little more time will bring a lot more healing. He is so afraid they might rebreak his finger to straighten it out. I am hoping the doc at Children's just decides to 'buddy tape' it to his ring finger and let the healing continue.


cheepette8 said...

Oh my goodness... saying prayers for Grant's finger and the pain to go away.

Aunt Susie said...

Geez, sounds like a typical doctor appointment !!! Good thing God has blessed you with PATIENCE ! We'll be praying for Grant and his basketball playing hand (finger).
I like the 'buddy system' too.

Love, Aunt Susie