Thursday, March 12, 2009

Check SpellingAnother busy week.....

Evan had his "Almost Spring Choir Concert" on Tuesday night. The kids did a great job. If you pause the music on the blog, you can hear the closing song done by the 6Th, 7Th & 8Th grade choirs. I was pleasantly surprised by the song selection as this is a public school. It was a great concert!

Macie graduated from "Apple Valley School" on Wednesday. I was able to attend the graduation picnic. Her class has been studying pioneer days in Wisconsin and for the past 2 weeks, they have turned their classroom into a classroom from the 1850's. She really had fun with this. They got to take a field trip to Ye Olde School House near Cedar Lake Home. She came home from school on Tuesday and told me that she got in trouble and had to write 50 times "I will not talk in class." She said it took a loooong time to write it that many times and she really learned her lesson.

Grant is on the mend. Hopefully we are done with the flu in this house. I just know spring is on the way....Macie and I saw a pair of robins yesterday!

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Thank you so much my sweet friend for your prayers for our boy!!