Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's the flu........
It has been a rough week around here. Actually it started last week. Evan came down w/some nasty cold. Grant had a fever one day last week. Macie had a fever on Sat. and came down w/a nasty cough on Sunday. She is still hacking a way. Grant got the fever today and started coughing up a lung. He said his throat hurt, so off to the Dr. we went to rule out strep. The test was negative (yeah) but the diagnosis came in as "viral influenza". Oh yes, the flu. Just treat the symptoms. I am washing down everything with lysol. This has really been a long winter. I am more than ready for some warmer weather.

On a positive note....Shelly and Madeline are in China. They have Eli and he is officially a Waala! We are so excited for them. Click on the link for Dave & Shelly's blog on my sidebar and check it out. He is quite the handsome dude!

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Ron said...

Oh no, I hope everyone feels better:)