Monday, May 11, 2009

It has been an amazing day!

Bethany is doing great. She is quite the little firecracker. She is testing limits but naturally so. She has a beautiful smile and a sparkle in her eye. She explored EVERYTHING in our room. Every door and drawer was opened. Every pocket of every backpack was searched. She found the shower caps and decided we needed to try them on. She found the swim goggles that I brought along and she likes to wear them around the room. She also decided she needed to wear them when we went out for a walk. It was just too cute! We have blown bubbles, colored, played cards, put on tattoos & stickers. Each time we go out, we find something really interesting. It has been a day filled with wonderful memories! She already knows what things belong to her. She busies herself rearranging them and moving them around the room. She practiced writing her name today. We walked around outside and her little legs got tired. She wanted to be carried. Sorry to say that will not be happening. Macie is doing a great job interpreting for us. I am so proud of her.

A special shout out to Mrs. Kogler's class at Green Tree Elementary! Macie is happy to report that she has all of her math homework done! She has been writing in her journal often. She will have many stories to share. She is the most awesome big sister Bethany could ever have!

Thank you to everyone for all of your prayers!


Ohilda said...

Love ALL the pictures! The shower cap one is a riot. Bethany seems like the life of the party. :)

Anonymous said...

Bethany is a beautiful little girl and we are so happy that she has joined the Waala/Zernia family. We can't wait to meet her. Celebrate these joyous days. God is so good.
Love to you, Aunt Susie

Mom 2 six said...

Oh my goodness - she is a doll. Glad things are going so well. I couldn't sleep and was up at 3:30 am checking e-mail. What a great day !
Welcome Bethany !

Eli was excited to see the pictures. It was really cute.

mary kate said...

I can't wait till you get home!!!!!

myra said...

Congrats!! What a beautiful girl! I love the dimples! I can't wait to hear more about your trip and your adventures at home!!

Prayers for an easy transition

Myra (another AAI family & LF grant recipient)

The Morgan Family said...

Bethany is that smile! Congratulations, we can't wait to meet her :)

Chris (Scott, Jade and Kai too)