Sunday, May 10, 2009

Font sizeWhat a wonderful morning!!!!

At 9:00am this morning we met our guide, Lynn in the lobby of the hotel. We took a 20 minute ride to the Civil Affairs office. Up on the third floor in a conference room waited our beautiful Bethany Ai Sheng. She was there with her nanny waiting for us. Shortly after the orphanage director came in and we did the required paperwork. We were able to ask questions and visit with the director and her nanny. They were all very very nice. We headed back to the hotel. On the ride back, Bethany went from sitting to laying down in the van. She was sweating. I could tell she had multiple layers on. It was quite warm in the van. We got to the hotel and she walked up the 3 steps and puked! Oh my, I guess the 2 skittles she had before we got in the van put her over the edge with car sickness. By the time she was off the elevator on the 5th floor she had a spring back in her step and she was ready for an adventure! She checked out EVERYTHING in the room. She asked Macie if this was our house and where Baba(daddy) and her geigeis(older brothers) were. We skyped home as soon as we got in the room. She said hello to Baba & the boys. She recognized them right away from the pictures we sent her. She is very inquisitive and not the least bit shy about trying to tell us what she wants. We have our hearts and our hands full! We are so very blessed!


Lynn said...

What a cute tiny little peanut!! We can't wait to see more pictures-love you all!!

Ohilda said...

She's GORGEOUS!! Poor baby. Must've felt miserable getting car sick. So glad she recouped right away!!! Gonna go read more.


Ron said...