Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lions, Tigers and Ligers, Oh My!

Today we went to the famous Siberian Tiger Park. There are over 700 tigers there. They breed them and release them to the wild. We were told they never sell to zoos or any other places. It was pretty amazing but kind of sad. We piled into a tour bus and rode through the fenced in area. The environment was pretty sparse. We saw a lot of tigers in small cages & others in large fenced areas. We had to go through double gates to get from one area to another. A few of the tigers would try to get out into the gated area to get to another part of the park. The bus driver would just honk his horn to get the tigers to move. Many of them just paced the fence line. At the last part, we got out of the bus and walked along some of the cages. We saw many siberian tigers, white tigers, some lions, leopards, jaguar, cheetah and a liger. After the tiger park, we came back to the hotel and had lunch. I think we are gong to head over to the people's park this afternoon. Tomorrow, Lynn is taking us to the Polar Aquarium.

I took a picture of the van that we are using for the week. It is a van that was donated to the adoption services center in Heilongjiang province by Unicef. The last few years, Grant, Evan, Drew & Bryce have trick or treated for Unicef. It was pretty cool to see where the money goes. How amazing that their trick or treating helps adoptive families in China!

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Ron said...

Great pics! Glad everything is going great.