Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some special shout outs.......

Tonight in the plaza outside the hotel, there was a ceremony to remember the victims of the Chengdu earthquake that occurred one year ago. We headed down to get a closer look.

That brings me to the first shout out to my boys, Evan & Grant. We saw some skaters and asked them for a picture just for you guys. They were happy to hear we had skaters at home. Check out their boards. We really miss you guys and can't wait to bring your newest sister home to meet you.

My second shout out is to my SIL Shelly and all her peeps at CMH that are following us. There was a group of student nurses there to remember those lost in the earthquake. They were so excited that I asked them to take some pictures. They want to say "HI" to their sister nurses back in the USA! Thanks for joining us on this incredible journey!

We talked to a few people and watched the people on the stage. They had singers, dancers, acrobats and some speakers. There were many people lighting candles in remberance. It was quite an event and we felt special to be able to take part in it. Macie is from Chengdu so there is a special place in our hearts for the people there.

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Sara W. said...

Congratualtions Waala Family!!

Bethany is a doll and looks like she knows how to have fun :-)

How neat to have Macie there with you...what memories.

Have Fun! Take it all in...it goes so fast.