Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another busy week.......

We have had a lot going on around here. Grant graduated from 8th grade last week. We officially have a high schooler in the house! We are so proud of him. Macie has started baseball and actually has her first game tonight. Grant also plays tonight. Evan was in a tourney over the weekend and his team went 2-2. They did a great job! There was a company that had photographers on every field for each game. They got a great series of Evan making a diving catch. I got the pictures and will have to get them posted soon. It looks really cool. It was an awesome catch!

We also went to Port Washington for cousin, Katelyn's high school graduation. We had lots of fun visitng with cousins we don't get to see often enough. After the party, Grant, Macie, Bethany and I drove up to Upper Lake Park along Lake Michigan. The bridal wreath were in full bloom. Absolutely beautiful! We had to stop and take some pictures. We missed having Evan with us, but he was still playing in his tournament. We went back yesterday for a picnic. Of course I forgot my camera, but we did have lots of fun. They have a new playground that is just awesome!

We spent some time a Children's Hospital last week. Macie had a check up and all is well. Bethany goes in today. They are actually putting her under to scope out the surgeries she had in China. The poor girl cannot eat anything today but jello and popsicles. After noon, she is cut off from everything. We will have a translator there to let her know what is going on and what the doctors are going to do. She is such a brave little girl. I still have a hard time believing she is the same age as Macie right now. She is so tiny. So, all you prayer warriors out there, please keep us in prayer today that all goes well and the surgeries in China were done right. I will let you all know how it goes soon.

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