Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I know I am way over due for an update. We are settling in to a new normal at the Waala House of Fun :) The general volume has gone up around here. Bethany is VERY vocal--as are Grant, Evan and Macie, so adding another voice brings the decibel level up a notch or two.

We are still working on getting Bethany to sleep in her own bed, but that will come in time. In the whole scheme of things, that is so very minor. We had her tested for school and she will be starting summer school on the 22nd. She and Macie will go together. We have also had a few dr visits and have more to come. I have also been working a few days a week from home for a few hours at a time. Nana has been an angel and has been coming over to take care of Bethany. She is starting to understand more and more. She gets the general idea that she needs to be quiet when I am at my desk working.

Grant has his 8th grade graduation tomorrow night. I am having a hard time believing he will be in high school next fall. We are so proud of him. Both boys and Macie are busy with baseball. This past weekend, Evan had a tourney in Oshkosh and we were able to spend some time with my cousin, Michelle and her family. We had a very nice lunch and spent time visiting. It was good to see them all.

Today, after I was done with work, Bethany and I went to lunch with Nana and MaryKate. We met Auntie Susie and two of Nana's cousins. We had a tasty lunch and then went to visit Aunt Celeste. She will be 100 year old in November! She is a wonderful lady and still sharp as a tack! It was a busy day, but fun. Of course, I forgot my camera so I did not get any pictures.

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